Annual Education Report

Every school within our district is also required to publish an Annual Education Report. We are including each AER on this webpage for your convenience.

District AER

District Annual Education Report 2016-17

Elementary School AERs

Adams Elementary School

Chestnut Hill Elementary School

Plymouth Elementary School

Siebert Elementary School

Woodcrest Elementary School

Middle School AERs

Jefferson Middle School

Northeast Middle School

High School AERs

H.H. Dow High School

Midland High School

District AER Archive

Although our district’s previous annual reports followed a different format, they still contain valuable historical data about the Midland Public Schools and will continue to be available for our community.

2015-16 Anuual Report

2014-15 Annual Report

2013-14 Annual Report

2012-13 Annual Report

2011-12 Annual Report

2010-11 Annual Report

2009-10 Annual Report