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Volunteer Support

Each volunteer plays an important part in the education process. It is our goal to ensure that each of our volunteers feels comfortable, confident, and appreciated as they serve the needs of our schools and our students. If you have suggestions on how the volunteer program can be improved, please contact your school's volunteer coordinator, principal, or the BRAVO project office.

BRAVO Project Coordinator
(989) 923-5027

BRAVO Project

Community Members

Many of our volunteer positions are listed on GOvolunteerNOW. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, below you will find a link to our handbook and application that contains all the information and forms you’ll need.

Download our BRAVO handbook

Download our BRAVO application

Teachers & Staff Members

If you need help with a project, please review our guidelines and request a volunteer through BRAVO.

GOvolunteerNOW Overview and Process

MPS Volunteer Opportunity Submission Form

Basic Volunteer Procedures

Application: Please fill out a volunteer application and submit it to MPS Human Resources, building principal, or volunteer coordinator.

Placement: If you are interested in a particular position or school building, please identify your preference on the application form. If you do not specify a particular position or school building, the BRAVO Project Coordinator will contact you in order to match up your interests and skills with the volunteer opportunities that are available.

Screening: Many volunteer positions require additional screening in the form of background checks, reference checks, and interviews. If you are aware of the screening requirements, please submit the additional paperwork with your application.

Signing in: Every school has a volunteer sign in book located at the main office, usually at the front counter. It is important that you stop at the office and sign in so that a record of your service is maintained. When you sign in, make sure to put on your approved volunteer visitor badge so that you are recognized as a volunteer in the building.

Attendance: Once you are placed in a volunteer position, you become an important part of the school educational team. please be prompt and consistent. If you do need to be absent during your scheduled time, please contact the school office so that other arrangements can be made.

Project Goals

  • Support Midland Public Schools mission
  • Enhance children’s learning opportunities
  • Assist MPS teachers and staff
  • Utilize the efforts and expertise of our community
  • Provide increased opportunities for volunteerism
  • Strengthen school-community relationships
Volunteer Orientation and Training

Orientation and training procedures will vary with respect to the volunteer job that is being filled. Facility orientation and building procedure training will be covered by each school. Specific skill training will be provided by the school’s volunteer coordinator, the building principal, or the classroom teacher the volunteer is assigned to work with. A district orientation will also be made available to all level III and IV volunteers.

School Policies

All volunteers are expected to observe school policies.


As a volunteer, you may become aware of personal information regarding a child’s academic performance, social interactions with peers, family situations, etc. The child may share the information with you, a teacher may choose to share it with you in order to enhance your ability to appropriately serve a student’s needs, or another student may do so. Regardless of how personal information about a particular child comes to you, that information must be held in your strictest confidence. It is never to be shared with other volunteers, acquaintances from the community, or other students.

Should you be concerned that the information needs to be addressed by a classroom teacher or counselor, report it to him or her immediately. As employees, they are required by law to report any suspicions regarding abuse, neglect, endangerment, or exploitation immediately. The also need to know if any students are involved in dangerous or illegal activities so that they may intervene and keep the school community safe.

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

  • Be dependable and prompt.
  • Wear appropriate attire.
  • Support the instructional program of the classroom teacher.
  • Do not give any student materials on your own without first discussing it with the teacher.
  • Discuss the problems that arise with the teacher, school administrator, or volunteer coordinator.
  • Know and observe all regulations and procedures in the assigned school (e.g. fire drills, accident reporting).
Ethical Expectations of Volunteers

  • Show respect for all staff and students.
  • Keep all student information confidential.
  • Accept students as they are. Be sensitive to differences in background, culture, religion, values, vocabulary, and aspirations.
  • Never make a promise you can’t fulfill.
  • Respect the privacy of teachers and students’ learning by not discussing school matters away from the classroom.
  • Remember that you are acting as a role model for children, not only in how you interact with others at school, but who you are as a person.
Tips for Volunteers

  • Call students by name; be friendly and caring.
  • Encourage and support student successes. Build self-confidence by praising them honestly and frequently.
  • Be comfortable with silence. Allow student time to think and form answers.
  • Students make mistakes. Let them know that making mistakes is part of learning.
  • Maintain your sense of humor!
  • And by all means, enjoy yourself! You have the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life.



The need for volunteer services will be determined at the discretion of MPS staff and the need for these services may vary from year to year. A volunteer’s service may be terminated at any time, for any reason or no reason at all, at the discretion of either MPS or the volunteer.