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Penny Miller-Nelson
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English Language Arts

The English language arts involve appreciating, integrating, extending, refining, evaluating, and applying what is learned from engaging with oral, visual, and written texts for authentic purposes in multiple settings including home, school, community, and workplace. The English language arts are comprised of both the processes of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing and the content of the oral, visual, and written texts that promote connections with other disciplines as well as the world outside the classroom.

Significant ideas, values, experiences, cultural perspectives, and moral questions define the content of text. Insights from texts help us shape our personal vision of the world; understand our own cultural, linguistic, and literary heritages; and value the diversity and commonalities of local, state, national, and world communities. The ultimate goal for all English language arts learners is optimal literacy in personal, social, occupational, and civic contexts.

Permission Slips

"The Kings Speech" Permission Slip

"Psycho 1960" Permission Slip