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Chris Sabourin
Technology and Media
Curriculum Specialist 923-5120

Summer Program

2016 Summer eLearning High School Program Brochure

High School Virtual Learning Program

Each eLearning course meets district requirements and state curriculum. Each lesson is taught virtually by a content certified instructor utilizing video lectures, web based reinforcement, vocabulary, instructional examples, guided practice, and assessment. Students always know their progress and work is graded instantly. Popular features include pausing and rewatching lectures, taking and using eNotes, reviewing and taking assessments until the material is mastered. Students also have the additional support of an eLearning facilitator. This is an experienced eLearning certified teacher who provides student motivation, encouragement and support in developing the skills needed to navigate through their coursework. One of the true benefits of online learning is having the flexibility of 24 hour course access anywhere a computer can access the Internet. Students should expect to invest a minimum of 45-60 hours to complete each course (students needing to retake assessments to achieve mastery will need significantly more time) and be present in the eLearning lab to take tests and the final exam. Upon enrollment, students will receive information regarding lab hours.

Students must take all tests and exams on-site – no assessments will be available to students at home.

Students are expected to complete their courses by August 12th.


  • Only one course enrollment will be accepted at a time.
  • Cost: MPS Student, $150 per course; Non-MPS Student, $175 per course.
  • All students are to follow MPS Student Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policies and a signed form must be on file prior to using MPS computers
  • Students will only be contacted using their MPS issued email address! Any other email address will not be utilized for summer school purposes unless student does not have an MPS email address.
  • There are no refunds once a course has been started.
  • Students are responsible for making the correct course choice.
  • Payment is required to ensure enrollment.
  • Online course credits do not count in a student’s G.P.A.
  • All courses are to be completed by August 12.

Location: Your High School eLearning Lab

Midland High School
1301 Eastlawn Drive

Dow High School
3901 N Saginaw Road

Dates:             June 20, 2016 – August 12, 2016
Class Times:   Lab/office hours will be made available to you once you have registered.
Cost:               $150 per course for MPS Students
$175 per course for Out of District Students

If you have any questions regarding these courses, please contact your school counselor.