Schools of Choice

Under the Schools of Choice legislation (Section 105 and 105 (c) of the State Aid Act), kindergarten through twelfth grade students residing within Midland County ESA and contiguous intermediate school districts may apply to attend participating public school districts in Midland County. Transportation for these students is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

2017-18 School Year

2017-18 Application for School of Choice

2017-18 FAQ’s for Schools of Choice and the new Central Park Elementary Building

My child is enrolled as a SOC student currently at Eastlawn or Carpenter. Do I need to fill out a SOC form if I want him to attend Central Park Elementary in the Fall?

No. The option to be automatically transferred to the new Central Park Elementary School is available to all currently enrolled students at Eastlawn and Carpenter. No further SOC form is needed for the transfer.  

I recently moved and live outside the Eastlawn and Carpenter attendance areas and have a student who remains currently enrolled at Eastlawn and Carpenter through SOC.  I want them to attend the elementary school nearest my new home for 2017-18.  Do I need to fill out a SOC form?  

Yes. A student who is currently enrolled and wants to attend any another building will need a completed SOC form in order to rescind choice.

I have a child enrolled at Eastlawn or Carpenter as SOC, and another child who will be eligible for Kindergarten in 2017.  Will my child be able to attend with his sibling?

SOC guidelines will be followed.  Siblings are given priority to attend the same buildings.

Have the school boundaries changed for middle school or high school?

No.  Midland Public Schools has not made any changes to the school boundaries.  This year’s fifth grade students at Eastlawn and Carpenter will attend middle school in their home areas unless a SOC form is completed.

Can I rescind my approved SOC or NRSOC?

Yes, Parents who do not wish to be automatically transferred to the new Central Park Elementary School may rescind their choice.  This process must be done by filling out a SOC application by Feb 28.

Will there be busing to Central Park Elementary School if I choose to attend with the SOC option?

No. Parents of Schools of Choice students are expected to provide transportation to and from school.

How is the transition from Young 5’s to Kindergarten being handled?  

Per the enrolling agreement, a student in the Young 5’s program at Carpenter or Plymouth will return to their own attendance area for Kindergarten unless a SOC form is completed.


Parents, please contact your building principal for specific questions, or if I can be of assistance, feel free to contact me:

Jana Kullick,, (989)923-5024.

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